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White Bird Group – Stationery

White Bird Group is a member of a holding company based in Libya. It has a group of specialized companies in the fields of industry, commercial and eneral contracting. It also has different kinds of branches in a number of fields in ther countries, including Almasa Al Jadida for stationery, computer and electronic devices in Dubai, Almasa Al Jadida for manufacturing and trading Plastic in Turkey, Al-Tarek Company for Manufacturing and Trading Production Lines and Constructions in Turkey and Akremint for trading Medicine and Medical Equipment in Turkey. Most of our trading’sare with Turkey because of the country’s easy procedures, White Bird International Malta for stationery, livestock and it’s supplies, which is a trading company specialized in trading European products, Al Falah Al Saghir Trading Company for Agriculture Materials and Equipment in Tunisia and 18 Companies within Libya in various activities and fields.


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